•IT Hardware

We have a sale on premier IT hardware available.

We also have a sale on computer hardware and software.
• Promotional

Our promotional items are unbeatable!

:: 04.13.13 ::
Burrell Solutions has teamed up with several organizations to streamline Human Resource strategies for small businesses. This effort is geared toward businesses that have increasingly more overhead...

:: 01.02.13 ::
Burrell Solutions will be a vendor at the upcoming Tri-State Conference in Orlando, FL. This is part of an initiative to provide more non-profit organizations with...

::11.22.13 ::
Burrell Solutions has expanded its business base by opening an office in Las Vega, Nevada. The expansion will allow the company to provide comprehensive...
• Commercial Partners

Burrell Solutions partner up with many different entitities. Our partnership with commercial product companies ensures that we provide high quality and low-priced products for our clients.

Our commercial partners are geographically spread througout the United State. However, our marketing focus is primarily in the following regions:

• Professional Partners

Burrell Solutions partners with different professional associations and organizations that providein-kind services in the form of expertise and personnel for various projects involving clients.
• Agency Partners

In an effort to ensure up-to-date practices and expertise, Burrell Solutions partners up with various agencies.

Our agency partners include:
• government agencies,
• educational institutions,
• nonprofit agencies
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